Recycling sawmill waste to reduce costs and generate profit

Recycling sawmill waste to reduce costs and generate profit

A company the Ecuadorian sawmill sector with a large production of wooden boards for the construction and furniture sectors was generating a large volume of wood waste.

Since the sawmill wastes were causing difficulties in disposal, the company decided to sell these residues as raw material for recycling, but the financial income the sale of the waste was very low, being only an option to compensate the work of the “disposal".

This industry then start to search for other solutions to deal with the remains of wood, but now in a way that the volume of waste was reduced and that there was a possibility to improve the income in the sale.

The solution came through the use of the remains of wood for the production of solid fuel of biomass, wood chips of high calorific value and with uniform burning rate. The company then sought a wood chipper that suited their needs in terms of productivity and mobility. The goal was that the chipper could maintain a high productivity in order to process all the wood waste generated by the forest harvest and the processing of trees in the sawmill, reducing the volume of the material and adding value to the final product.

But would it really be possible to save money and generate profit in this process that would involve buying new machinery?

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Recycling sawmill waste to reduce costs and generate profit

In order to take advantage of all the material produced it would be necessary to chip the material produced in the forest and the material produced in the sawmill, so that it would be possible to really save money, it would be necessary that a machine could work in both places. That is why it was established with Lippel that the best equipment would be a mobile forestry chipper, which would be able to be easily moved between the forest and also in the sawmill facilities.

After considering the productivity needs of the company, the Forestry Chipper Raptor 700 was presented to work in the sawmill. Now, through the forestry chipper, the company has had the opportunity to completely reuse the wood waste produced during the production of wooden boards. The wood waste now has much smaller volume than before and is sold as high value solid fuel, making the whole process really economical and profitable.

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