Rotating sieve for organic compound PRL 400x1500

The rotating electric sieve is capable of screening large amounts of compost, soil, sand and woodchips. Its wide area of screening ensures quick and efficient screening. Lippel offers sieves with different screen sizes and installation with different angles, as required by the customer. The entrance for the material input is fully open, facilitating the feeding of the sieve by not having the central axis. Upon entering the sieve, the noble material is separated impurities. The sifted compost is ideal for enriching the soil and can be used as fertilizer in gardens, flower beds and vegetable gardens. A modern waste management involves materials separated by their particle size.

Technical specifications

Rotating sieve for organic compound PRL 400x1500
Model: PRL 400 x 1500
Rotation Sieve: 35 RPM
dimensions: 1000 x 950 x 1720 mm
Sieve holes: As needed
Length of Sieve: 1500 mm
Diameter of Sieve: 400 mm

More Information and Budget

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