Waste Shredder TM - 05

It is designed for small waste recycling, including plastic containers, injected parts, films etc.
Its structure is compact and operation is easy. The design of the rotor knives can save electricity and make cutting more efficient.

Special features:

The motor has overload protection
It has a security system to protect the operator and the machine
The main engine is independent
It has special steel blades, very sharp, generating a crushed material with low granulometry and little dust.
Modular structure design, easy to clean and maintain
Four wheels for easy travel

Technical specifications

Waste Shredder TM - 05
Model: TM 05
sieve Standard: 4 mm
Power rating: 7,5 HP
Number of Knives: 6 und.
dimensions: 835 x 1415 x 995 mm

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World environment day – How we support this cause

Today day 05/06 is the world environment day. This year's focus is the pollution caused by plastic.The pollution caused by plastic is a serious matter. Annually is produced about 280 million tonnes of plastic in the world, and Brazil occupies the 16th place among the largest producers of this material.Every year, countless marine animals die because of ingestion of plastic waste, so how can we change this? We make a difference by disposing of waste in the appropriate places and to support recycl
5 of June of 2018