Hydraulic Piston Briquette Machine BH 150

Hydraulic piston extruders or hydraulic press briquette: for those with small amounts of waste.

Equipment that uses a hydraulically driven piston. The material to be compacted is fed laterally by a screw. A front piece opens the plunger to expel the briquette when it reaches the desired pressure. Ideal for smaller productions and recovery and cleaning companies that generate smaller amounts of waste.

Technical specifications

Hydraulic Piston Briquette Machine BH 150
Model: BH 150
Power rating: 25 HP
Briquette diameter: 100 mm
Production: 110 - 150 m³/h
Box Capacity: 0,53 m³
Actuation: electric motor

More Information and Budget

Whole trees
Remains of Sawmill
Recycled Wood