Wood chippers for recycling pallets and industrial wood

Recycling is one of the most growing áreas in Brazil. With environmental disposal measures and support for waste reuse projects, a new impetus has been given to this previously unexplored area.

Lippel has supplied machinery for the entire process from sorting and classification to waste processing and utilization for power generation.

Recently another Lippel PTL 250/400 x 1300 chipper was installed for the recycling of pallets and other types of wood waste in a large cooperative in the city of Rio Verde / Goiás.

The recycling of this material is a great example of waste recovery and valorization, thus generating revenue by reusing the chipped material as fuel in the cooperative's boiler, as opposed to simply discarding unused pallets.

 This is just one example of how to reuse resources. Contact Lippel and get the solution for your company or agrobusiness.