Wood Chipper purchased by city hall

A few days ago a city hall found in Lippel the solution for the treatment of organic waste generated by the cleaning and pruning of the trees in the municipality.

Through the Municipal Secretary of Works, the Lippel PTU 300 wood chipper was purchased.

This equipment will be used to reduce the volume of organic matter. According to the Secretary of Works, grinding the branches reduces the volume of the material by 70%, which generates a great saving for the city by saving space of disposal of the material and the reduction of vehicles needed to transport the waste organic.

According to the mayor, acquisitions of such equipment are improving the lives of the population. "The purchase of this equipment should help our teams that perform the public cleaning, an important detail is the possibility of transforming the waste into organic fertilizer and use in places that is necessary fertilization," said the Mayor.

Lippel produces a complete line of equipment for the treatment of organic waste from tree management, encouraging the reuse of natural resources such as composting and soil cover and fertilization.