Wood Chipper delivered to the municipality for urban cleaning and soil fertilization in schools and urban areas

In urban cleaning, there is a need for the municipality not only to dispose the organic waste in a way that is firendly to the environment, but that the cleaning processes have practicality, sustainability and functionality, also allowing the reuse of waste, not only the discard.

 It was for this purpose that Lippel delivered a Wood Chipper to a municipal prefecture.

This equipment will be acting in the processing of branches and prunings coming from the management of trees within the city. The project director explained that previously, due to the lack of a suitable place for the disposal of these wastes, it was necessary to transport these wastes over long distances to the local where the material was buried, thus an expensive process where a rich material was discarded .

Now, the branches will be shredded and transformed into a rich organic compost, a compost that will be used in schools and in the municipal garden for organic composting, thus bringing an improvement to the inhabitants that lives in the city.

Initiatives such as these show how it really is possible to reuse organic waste and convert them into improved living for the population and the economy of the city's resources by investing less in transportation and disposal.