Wood Chipper delivered to service providers in the state of Parana - Brazil

Recently, Lippel has delivered 2 equipments to a service company in Paraná, which will carry out waste processing throughout the state.

These wood chippers will be used in urban cleaning and in the processing of accumulated organic material, thus bringing various benefits.

By using the branch chipper in urban cleaning, it is possible to reduce the volume of pruning and antler debris by about 70%, greatly facilitating the transport of organic waste. With less volume, it takes a smaller amount of travels for the transportation, thus generating savings in company resources.

And in the processing of accumulated waste, it will be possible to reduce the amount of waste in the municipalities eco-points and dumps, providing an adequate waste disposal, thus reducing the amount of pollutant gases generated by the open decomposition of organic waste.

In both cases, it will be possible to reuse organic waste generated by the city through composting. Through this process, will be produced a rich organic compound, totally natural and free of harmful chemical compounds to the soil, thus creating an excellent fertilizer that is pleasant to the environment.

Through this intelligent management of pruning debris generated by the management of trees and plants around the cities, it will be possible to save precious resources of the company, which may be directed to future needs, as well as providing an improvement in the life of the population of the state of Paraná.