Wood Chipper delivered to city hall in Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil

Last week, Lippel had made the technical delivery of a Brach Chipper model PTU 300, which will be used to clean urban pruning within the municipality.

A challenge faced by many municipalities is the large workforce needed to collect debris from pruning within the urban perimeter. With this equipment, it will be possible to reduce the manpower and time spent in this service, since the chipper can reduce the material volume by 70%, now less trips are necessary to collect and discard all material.

With this equipment Lippel offered an environmental solution for the management of trees. Once made this investment, this city hall will have the possibility of reusing the organic waste and pruning debris collected in the city, and can now produce a rich organic compost either for the composting process or for covering the soil in urban and rural areas.

This wood chipper has undergone constant improvements, with more and more technology and economy to offer the best solution to our customers, and thanks to these efforts, the PTU 300 has become the most chosen equipment by city halls and service providers.

It is a great satisfaction for Lippel to know that we have offered the best solution in urban waste processing and our goal is to improve more and more.