Wood Chipper and Crusher PDU 260 G – LAUNCH of Lippel for a self-sustaining system

Exclusive release from Lippel, which was tested and approved at the Condominium in Atibaia / SP, where the main need of our client was fully attended in the composting management, for a self-sustainable / bio-sustainable system, focused on reducing costs with fertilizer and treatment of Ground, and appropriate disposal of waste from the environment.

Wood Chipper  and Urban Mobile Crusher Lippel is a solution that aims at recycling pruning, twigs, round woods. Ideal for gardens, green areas and parks.

Equipped with gasoline engine, mobile trailer and hydraulic system that guarantees its autonomy as a mobile unit. It features two sharpened two-sided knives, traction roller, clutch system, feed rails, four-position safety bars, and brake system.

The PDU-260 G is recommended for waste demands, such as branches, leaves, trunks from large green areas. The crushed material achieves a reduction of up to 80% of the accumulated waste volume and when compacted it can be used in fertilization of plants ensuring the enrichment of the soil and its fertility