Volume reduction of organic waste from urban pruning and its use on organic composting

In front of the challenge faced by the municipality in the gathering and disposal of organic waste from pruning collected in the areas inside the municipality, the city acquired a Lippel wood chipper, which will perform the processing of all this waste.

One of the big challenges was transporting the remains of pruning, since this is a very large material. Now, with the branch chipper, the urban cleaning team can reduce the volume of this material by 70%, generating a great savings in travels for the transport of waste, as well as saving working time; time that can be used in even greater coverage of maintenance services around the city.

Another advantage of the use of the wood chipper by the municipality is the possibility of reuse the residues through composting.

The process of organic composting brings many benefits both to the environment and to the population of the municipality.

Through composting it is possible to make use of waste that is often only discarded. Also, thanks to this process it is possible to produce a rich organic compound that can be used in soil fertilization, acting as a rich natural fertilizer, totally free of chemicals that can harm the environment.

Thanks to the intelligent management of organic waste produced by the city, it is possible to save time and resources of the city, which can be used more widely for the benefit of the population.