Versatility in producing wood chips of different sizes with a single machine

What do you think of a Forestry Chipper that can meet different demands without making changes to the equipment?

This is one of the strengths of the PFL 500 x 900 MC. It has a 6-knife drum cutting system, capable of producing wood chips with a size of less than 10 mm (called micro-chips), as well as producing standard-size chips with 25 mm without any changes to the machine.

This forestry chipper has recently been sold to the Dominican Republic, where our customer needs to meet the waste processing demand for the purpose of composting, a process in which the smallest particle size of the chip is required.

Another demand to be met is the production of chips for bioenergy, where larger and clean cut chips are needed, with the smallest amount of fines.

To meet these demands, our customer has confirmed that the best option is the PFL 500 x 900 MC for its versatility and performance, as well as high durability and low maintenance cost.