Use of biomass and search for Lippel Forestry Chippers

In recent times, biomass has become more widely used as a renewable source of energy for burning in industries.

But for its use to be profitable, it is necessary to have equipment capable of producing a massive amount of biomass in the form of wood chips, but with a low costs of use and maintenance.

That's where Lippel comes in. Producing high performance equipment such as the Forestry Chippers, capable of chipping logs of large diameter and with productions of up to 300 m³ per hour, making use of an efficient cutting system and high end engineering, taking the maximum performance of the equipament and having low maintenance cost.

With their powerful independent motors or Power Take-Off system (PTO), the chippers have a compact design and easy transport to the workplace, being ideal for producers who need high production and return on investment.

Thanks to the performance and durability of the equipment, Lippel was recognized as the best choice in Latin America for wood chippers, with high demand and demand in the search for forest solutions in several countries.