Urban cleaning of the cities with the Brush chipper PDU 250 D


Paraíba is following the example of many states that are acquiring the Branch Chopper for the pruning in the urban cleaning of the cities.
The company Geo Urbana acquired the equipment of Lippel and now will have a decrease in the volume of the material during the pruning, avoiding expenses with displacements and time of operation. They will use the picador for dry and green branches, round woods, palm leaves and other materials from urban cleaning pruning.
With the Picador PDU 250 it is possible to reduce the cost of operation and give a correct destination to the material. Before the material was sent to landfills, but now will be crushed and eventually marketed as organic fertilizer or chips for power generation
With advantages, among them, 60hp diesel engine offering higher grinding speed, less fuel consumption and lower noise level. Also patented Intelligent Lippel Control System (No-Stress), which optimizes and automatically manages the rotation of the cutting system in relation to the volume, number of branches and material inserted in the equipment, thus guaranteeing performance and increased equipment durability.
Get the PDU 250 Branch Chopper for your city's urban cleaning. Our technicians can advise you on the ideal equipment for your needs.
In addition to the equipment, you can count on our technicians in the delivery and ensure the training for the correct use of the equipment.