The Solution for avocado and coffee producers: Forestry Wood Chipper Lippel PFL 400x700 M-S

     Shipment of a Forestry Wood Chipper Lippel PFL 400x700M-S, sold to a farm located in Rio Paranaiba/MG - Brazil. This equipment will be used to process pruning and branches from avocado trees, coffee plantations and lychee trees. What used to be a problem - because it remained on the plantation, attracting plagues – is now a solution, not only reducing the volume, the waste will be used as compost of the best quality, returning it to the soil – the correct destination.

     According to the client, the investment will bring a great return in the short term, because, beside using it on his property – estimated have over 800 productive hectares – he intends to form partnerships with neighboring producers.