The increase in waste disposal costs in landfills and the search for ecological solutions

In recent times, the amount of solid waste generated in urban and industrial areas has increased considerably.

As a result, there is also an increase in the costs of disposal and management of this solid waste when it comes to disposal in landfills.

That is why we have been seeking more and more solutions in the treatment of waste by the processes of recycling and the reuse of energy.

This is a prominent area for ??Lippel. We develop equipment for the energetic use of solid waste, such as briquetting plants. These transform simple waste into briquettes with a high calorific value, thus being used in burning in boilers for the production of energy.

Thanks to the process of recycling and reuse of solid waste, it is possible not only to have an immediate economy, since the investment in this short-term process is smaller than the investment in landfills, but also in the long term, since waste are used to generate energy and not just discarded.

Lippel always looks for better ways to offer solutions to its customers in the treatment of waste, promoting the improvement of the environment and the generation of revenue for the companies.