Technical delivery straight from Lippel’s factory

We consider the technical delivery as important as the product. The guidance with the appropriate instructions for proper use of the machine is extremely important, as it extends the equipment life and brings greater benefits for production.

Technical delivery performed on Lippel’s facilities.

The client, from Curitiba/PR, acquired the equipment Forestry Wood Chipper PDF 180 HDR, for the purpose of chipping/shredding green waste, such as leaves, branches, twigs and even thin and thick logs.

This material that used to be cluttered and eventually decomposed, often being burned, which is not an environmentally friendly alternative, is now used for mulching e also as an organic fertilizer of great quality.

The Forestry Wood Chipper PDF 180 HDR is an excellent solution for those who want to reduce green waste’s volume.  The chips produced by the chipping, can be settle to different sizes from 25 to 50mm, according to the feed speed, reaching a production of up to 30m³ / hour.

The chipper can be mounted on the tractor to be driven to the workplace,allowing it to be used directly at the desired point.