Technical delivery of a Wood Chipper PTU 300 - The professionals choice

Recently, Lippel has made the technical delivery of a urban Wood Chipper (Branch Chipper) to a service provider in the state of Santa Catarina, Brasil.

The equipment delivered was the Wood Chipper PTU 300, the equipment that has been the champion in the choice of prefectures, service providers, professionals and contractors.

This equipment has been the preference in choices for several reasons. One of its highlights is the versatility, being a compact equipment and 100% homologated and prepared for the transport in public roads, being able to be easily taken to the place of work. It is ideal for cleaning pruning on urban roads and on highways, as well as the shredding of organic waste in large storage areas and the processing of waste in the dumps and eco points of the city.

Another great advantage in road transportation is its brake system, which operates independently of the towing vehicle and has been thoroughly tested and approved by INMETRO, thus providing greater safety and reliability to operators and citizens of the municipality.