Technical Delivery of a Wood Chipper Bio 120 to a condominium in the state of Pernanbuco

     Recently, a wood chipper Bio 120, part of the BIO line, was delivered to a condominium in Paudalho, state of Pernanbuco.

     The equipment was chosen because of its efficiency, compactness, functionality and mobility, thanks to its transportation trailer, facilitating the chipping process wherever the material is.

     The material to be shredded in the condominium is: green branches, fry branches, leaves, barks, etc.  The shredding facilitates handling the material, because it reduces the volume, and the residue can be used as compost, ornament and mulch. With this wood shredder there is also reduction of the cost waste disposal, because of the reduction of volume of up to 70%.

     According to our client:

          “The wood chipper Bio 120 is meeting our needs, it is a lot stronger, and mostly, easier to transport. We were satisfied with the purchase. “