Technical Delivery - Branch chopper PDU 250G with trailer and tipping bucket.

PDU 250G Chopper / Crusher + RCB 5M³ Tilt Bucket Trailer

Cuiabá and neighboring cities will now have an "ecologically correct" destination with the prunings of branches, trunks and leaves removed in the middle of the electric network of urban roads and highways.
The state energy company that previously pruned and dumped branches and logs directly into the truck had a high cost of logistics, with several comings and goings to the landfill where the large volume of material was deposited.
Now, with the PDU 250 Picador along with the tipper bucket, pruning and shredding of the branches is done in the same place, decreasing the volume of the material around 80%, having a logistic gain due to the time of the operation and expense with the displacements, Tests were also carried out to check the load capacity of the material, the result was 5m³ crushed or approximately 2,000 kilos.
That is, they managed to reduce the cost of operation and still give a correct destination to the material.
Our technician followed the delivery and installation of the equipment, training and informing the customer of all the precautions and recommendations for the use of the equipment.
If you want agility, cost reduction and a correct destination for pruning material, ple