Sequencing and standardization on the assembly line

Like many of the machine manufacturing lines, Lippel comes every day structuring and expanding its physical and technological structure to facilitate the sequencing and standardization of equipment on the assembly line. Our goal is to make the "Jaguar Fleet" Urban Grinders / Crushers line the best known in the market, not only because they already have their proven operation, but also made with the highest commitment of factory personnel, and standardization of equipment and items Mounting. The Jaguar Urban Cleaning Line comes with the expected solutions for cities, being a functional work equipment used a lot in the day-to-day of city halls, energy distributors and service providers, comes to serve as a robust and effective equipment, beautification Of streets, regular pruning, correct disposal of green waste, reuse of organic material generated from the cleaning and use of waste in the soil cover.

Lippel, Innovation and technology further standardizing the assembly line, investing in the sequencing and manufacturing line.