São Paulo City Hall acquires Lippel Wood Chipper

City Hall of the state of São Paulo, acquired a Lippel woode chipper, for the complete grinding of urban green waste. The city will be grinding waste from pruning, trunks, leaves and shrubs that are collected throughout the city. Currently the waste is deposited in a local landfill, being an old problem for the city and the environment due to the large volume already accumulated.

The equipment will do the grinding work in the middle of the urban ways, being coupled to the truck or a pickup truck to operate in an eco point of the city for fixed work.

"The equipment will bring numerous benefits to the municipal garden, being, agility to collect the branches, a 50% reduction in logistics and time to handle the collection and reuse of the shredded material as organic fertilizer. The application of organic fertilizer will have a purpose for municipal gardens and will provide food to local entities, flower beds, nursery tree seedlings and will benefit local farmers. " Said the environmental engineer of the city.

A characteristic and quality of the Lippel PDU 260 line is the use of the power of a 4 cylinder diesel engine, this favors the customers with numerous benefits, being the possibility of shred all types of green and dry waste, greater production and agility in crushed m³, lower fuel consumption, being on average 3 liters per hour, lower noise level, longer engine life, less maintenance costs and etc;

The PDU 260 urban wood chipper equipment line is 100% nationally supplied with two options for motorization, feed speed regulation and road towing system that can be emplaced.