New Lippel PDU 260 D Chipper - For reuse of tree waste

Lippel exclusive release, the PDU 260 is a chipper designed to eliminate the difficulties in handling tree waste. The PDU has a wide feeding opening and feed chute capable of shredding bulky materials with smooth performance thanks to its "no-stress" self-feeding system, which ensures smooth and steady operation even with sturdier materials.

The Urban Disc Cutter is a solution that aims to recycle pruning, twigs and round woods Ideal for cleaning urban roads, wide green areas and disposal. The crushed material reaches a reduction of up to 80% of the accumulated waste volume and when being processed can be used in fertilization of plants ensuring the enrichment of the soil and its richness.

The versions can come with diesel engine (D), gasoline (G) and tractor driven (T). They are equipped with sharp two-sided knives, large tractor roller, clutch system, feed rail, safety bar in four positions, and brake system. They also have an independent hydraulic system that guarantees their autonomy as a mobile unit.