New generation of Picadores and Urban Crushers Lippel - the certainty of the right choice!

New generation of Lippel urban chipper / shredder equipment idealized to provide services on a medium scale, used in the grinding of prunings, trunks, leaves, shrubs and forestry.

Our client will be providing the service in the city of Paranavai in the state of Paraná and local region, for a large group of electric distribution of the state. This green residue comes from trees that are in the middle of the low, medium and high voltage electrical networks and also around the wires that they could eventually reach;

The LIPPEL hipper / Shredder, will grind all the material removed and accumulated of the pruning in this work, all crushed material will be commercialized in the region, being destined as organic fertilizer and soil cover.

The benefits of owning the Lippel chipper / shredder will be the facility in correctly allocating the green waste, becoming a fundamental equipment to perform this work of cutting and collecting the pruning, so that the customer can commercialize the processed material, it will reduce in 80% freight logistics, will reduce cutting and collection of the branches by 50% and will also be contributing to the environment.

The LIPPEL PDU 260 D Chipper / Shredder has a diesel engine with the desired power of 40 to 60 HP, with cutting capacity for dense materials up to ø230 mm in diameter and a wide feed chute to consume the large volume of the branches. The fuel consumption in heavy work will be approximately 04 liters of diesel per hour.

One of the great differences of this generation of LIPPEL chippers is the large feed chute and the low cost of maintenance, once it is a national equipment, designed for the need of the work in urban ways, being that, because we live in a tropical climate country , green residues have a higher density and abrasiveness in their composition.