Municipal organic composting - How to Start and Its Advantages

A challenge faced by several municipalities is what to do with the large volume of pruning and organic waste collected in areas within the urban limits of the city, as well as how to carry out their disposal or reuse.

The answer to this challenge is the organic composting, which allows the reuse of the waste, besides promoting an improvement of the environment by reducing the gases of the decomposition of the remains of pruning in open places.

But to start this process it is necessary that the residues have the correct granulometry. To achieve this, it is necessary to possess and make good use of the branch wood chipper.

To offer the solution in municipal composting, Lippel has developed equipment with increasing productivity and lower fuel consumption.

Utilizing a range of high-tech engines, coupled with high-performance cutting systems, our wood chippers for urban use are the perfect tool for use by prefectures and service providers.

With our equipment, it is possible to reduce the waste volume by 70%, facilitating transportation and allowing reuse rather than mere disposal.