More than 40 years of teamwork and much innovation

For more than 40 years Lippel has been working to produce equipment with better and greater quality and strength, an objective that we have achieved with every improvement.

It is our common goal to be an innovative company producing machines that encourage the use of biomass. We want to create environments so that our entire energy capacity can be harnessed.

But all this is only possible thanks to the dedication and unity of our entire team. In all these years we have had good moments and challenging moments, but we walk day by day overcoming all challenges, taking responsibility and showing initiative.

Growing up in an unstable market is not easy, but we are all Brazilians and we do not give up. Our reward is to know that we walk together, fulfilling our duty on this earth, keeping our focus on the neighbor, and offering the highest quality sustainable application equipment for the recycling and use of biomass.