More efficient and economical system for replacing firewood in seeds heat drying

With the increased demand for production and preparation of various types of materials and food in the industrial sectors, encouraged by industrial modernization and the maximum use of existing resources in terms of machines and workers, the use of more economical and efficient machines has become essential. higher throughput, enabling automated use of certain services within the industry, reducing the number of operators in hazardous services and increasing production.

One of the most outstanding systems in recent times has been firing systems in various companies. Many industries still make use of common firewood for burning in seeds drying systems and other types of materials, although firewood does not have all the yield that can be obtained from wood.

Another uninteresting factor in the use of common firewood is the need for operators to work on furnace feeding, increasing labor costs and also having the constant risk of accidents related to manual operation of firing systems.

To modernize this process and to reduce costs by increasing safety and getting the most out of existing machinery, many companies have now turned to a higher-throughput automated burning system.

Due to the proximity of its operation and the use of renewable energies, the best option for replacing common wood is undoubtedly the use of wood chips. Because it has a much higher calorific value than firewood, and much greater homogeneity in burning, the use of chips has brought great benefits already in various industries of production of grain and food preparation.

Another great advantage of the use of wood chips is the possibility of automating the furnace feeding, thus making the whole process much faster and safer, thus reducing the incidence of accidents in the workplace related to furnace handling.

The replacement of the type of fuel used in drying furnaces has been greatly encouraged due to the economic gain it generates for the company and also for being a low cost acquisition system, allowing the return on investment in the short term.