Mobility with the Forestry Chipper PFL 400x700 M-S Over roll-on platform

Having the wood processing done, having a powerful equipment is undoubtedly essential. But along with power, to have an efficient and agile process, have mobility is vital.

The PFL 400x700 M-S is the junction of the concept of power and mobility. Its special structure allows it to be mounted on a Roll-on Platform.

The use of the Roll-on Platform offers a great advantage as it allows the Chipper to be loaded by the vehicle in about 2 minutes, thus saving valuable work time, making it easy to store and transport.

The PFL 400x700 M-S can produce chips of various sizes including micro chips thanks to its powerful engine and power-fed cutting system, which has a wide application for composting, suspended firing, generating value to the organic residues.