Mining Company of South America working with Lippel Picador for Industrial Waste Solution.

Industrial waste is an environmental problem and its management must be conducted in an appropriate manner. Looking for effective solutions, a South American Mining Company acquired from Lippel the PFL 500x900 equipment.
This Picador has been much in demand abroad due to its versatility to chop different materials besides the wood, as it can grind plastic drums, tires and wood with nails and staples.
In the category is considered one of the best picadores in relation to cost-benefit of the present time, and this is more than evident when analyzing its specifications together to its value in the market, including internationally.
Among its highlights are some of the main features in which other brands have not yet benefited, such as performance optimization and power for low fuel consumption, but with high productivity, ie the machine works at full steam, but without exceeding in the Consumption of diesel.
The chopper is equipped with a magnetic pulley for the extraction of metals, thus separating ferrous materials resulting in cleaner residues after grinding.
Reducing the generation of waste and increasing its reuse is a way to contribute to the quality of life of our planet. What about your company? Is it making a difference?
Acquire your product with Lippel, our technicians will advise you on the ideal equipment for your need.