Loading of Burner for use in the fertilizer industry

The Company Lippel has developed and participated in a major project in recent months to supply equipment for Chipiing, Feeding and Pyrolytic Burning for a National Group that will revolutionize the market of Organomineral Fertilizers and are sending the equips for installation.

The company is ambitious to enter the market with an innovative product and is an excellent alternative with regard to the great existing dependence, prioritizing and aiming to attend Rural Producers, Agricultural Cooperatives and Fertilizer Industries, among others;

The choice of our company was made by the dozens of equipment already installed, which prove the satisfactory efficiency and performance in the heat generation solution.

Another important factor to note is that the great partnership took place for reasons that we consider fundamental today to strengthen the parties involved CUSTOMER x SUPPLIER, among them: Transparency, Respect and High Performance Equipment.

Among the equipment that is part of this package are:
• Wood Chip Feeder / Sawdust;
• Pyrolytic Burner QPL-2000;
• Coupling System Burner x Furnace;
•  Drum  Wood Chipper with PTL-170/250 x 400 Traction Roller;
• Belt Conveyors;