Lippel Wood Chipper being used in Park in the state of São Paulo for reuse of organic residues

The wood chipper, shredder, shrub and leaf shredder Lippel PDU 260 D is a new generation of equipment to meet medium and large demands on the chipping of urban solid waste.

The Lippel PDU 260 D has an innovative cutting and motorization system. The rotor disk cutting system allows a differential in the operation performance and a smaller particle size of the chip between - + 10 mm, also having a cutting capacity in its feeding mouth of 230 mm in height and 350 mm in width, giving the operator greater ergonomic comfort and safety in daily operation with the equipment. The innovative 4-cylinder Diesel engine system, stationary, electric start and enclosed with cab, allows the customer 40% more production of shredded material, longer service life, lower maintenance cost, 50% less fuel consumption diesel compared to gasoline engines and lower noise level generated by the engine. The diesel engine, due to its robustness, being this model applied in the Lippel equipment will allow the client to carry out work consistently and continuously.

The estimated volume of shredded waste from the Lippel PDU 260 equipment is between 05 to 15 M³ per hour, the reduction in amount in the shredding will be up to 70% volume of accumulated waste.

With its completely national manufacturing, the Lippel PDU 260 D was developed exclusively to serve customers in the areas of Services, Condomminiuns, Farms, Alphavilles, Municipal Consortia, Highway Concessionaries, Parks Resorts, Universities and City Halls.

The equipment is mounted on a mobile trailer with the signaling, braking and safety devices required for transportation on highways and urban centers, being coupled and towed in trucks, pick-ups, cars and tractors, and can be customized according to the customer's need and application.

The application of the Lippel PDU 260 equipment in our client of a Estância Park in the State of São Paulo will be to chip an already accumulated demand of 1,500 M³ in green residues of its eco point, accumulated residues daily and other residues of neighboring parks. All the crushed residues will be applied to composting within the park itself and other locations. The equipment will give the client enormous benefits, being financial, environmental and social, since it has a weekly cost for the disposal of 10M³ of pruning waste and leaves generated in a week, this had an approximate cost of R $ 4,000.00. Total monthly for waste disposal was approximately $ 16,000.00 per month on average. This high cost disposal also brought pollution to the environment, another interesting detail until the beginning of the operations with the chipper, the client had a monthly cost of R $ 1,500.00 in average of organic fertilizer, being applied material in the gardens and flowerbeds of the park.