Lippel urban Wood Chipper purchased for the cleaning of intercity roads

Recently, another company made the investment in a Lippel's wood chipper.

The equipment purchased was the urban wood chipper PDU 255 G. It was chosen because of its high production capacity gathered with a compact design and easy to handle.

The PDU 255 G features a powerful gasoline engine and a high-end cutting system, which enables the ability to shred organic waste up to 230mm in diameter with low fuel consumption.

A fundamental detail in their choice was the fact that the equipment has a complete road signaling system and is a ready-made equipment, fully ready for transportation in highways and urban areas.

The equipament will be used to shred accumulated waste like twigs, leaves, trunks, fibers and shrubs, which are collected along intercity and state roads. which will make transport and disposal much easier, since it can reduce the volume of the material by up to 70%, in addition to making it possible to reuse the organic waste for composting.