Lippel Updates at Agrotins 2019

We are in the Portal area of ?Bioenergy and the Forest that was planted with support from the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Aquaculture - SEAGRO

This has been a very rewarding week at Agrotins 2019 in Palmas - Tocantins. We’re having the opportunity to meet our clients from the North region of Brazil, also the opportunity to meet other people, both those who are already in the agribusiness and forestry sector and those who are interested in knowing and entering the world of agribusiness.

We brought new knowledge and exchanged ideas, also offering the solution we already know well for the production of bioenergy and recycling, where we had the opportunity to get some new clients from both the forestry and urban sectors.

It has been an opportunity for professional growth where we could meet with people who share the same ideal of Lippel, take care of the environment by reusing the resources that the environment itself provides, thus generating savings in industrial and social projects while reduces pollutants thrown into the environment and creates a better environment for our future.

Come to know the urban solutions of urban cleaning of green residues of pruning, forestry area for production of biomass wood chips and also our online store Loja do Triturador with products for the small farmer.