Lippel supplies machinery for the correct routing of waste to a wine company and a furniture factory

Lippel is concerned with meeting the needs of various segments in the chipping line, and, thinking from small quantities to large quantities, has the small size Model PTL-100/250 with motorization between 20 and 30 HP.

This model is aimed at customers of more refined work, who produce smaller quantities of material, and who intend to make a reuse of the material, and give it a correct destination, adding value in the process.

We recently sold and installed 02 (two) units of this chipper, one went to the city of Santa Barbara D'Oeste-SP, Brazil, for a winemaker, and another went to the city of Santo Antônio da Alegria-SP, Brazil, to a furniture manufacturer, for both companies, the mainly processed material is wood waste and small size stumps.

A great advantage of this equipment is the facility in the installation, because it accompanies a metallic easel for fixing it, and does not need a moat or a civil construction in particular.