Lippel performs the technical delivery of urban cleaning equipment

This week the technical delivery of a Lippel Wood Chipper model PDU 260 D-RCB was carried out. The equipament will work in the cleaning of urban areas, used for the processing of the residues of pruning and handling of trees in the city.

This equipment is a particularly practical model for working on urban roads, since it has a tipping bucket for storing and transporting the waste.

The Wood Chipper is a powerful tool for cities as it is able to greatly reduce the volume of waste. Without the processing of pruning debris, the waste ends up occupying a large area and makes transportation difficult. Now, with the Lippel Wood Chipper, it will be possible to reduce this volume by up to 70%, which generates savings for the city in the transportation of waste, and especially with the 260 D-RCB PDU that has its own bucket, eliminating the need of a second vehicle for towing a waste truck.

Once this green mass is shredded, it can be used in the composting process, producing a rich organic compound for soil fertilization, reducing the need for artificial fertilizers, thus generating savings for the city and a higher quality of life for the population.