Lippel participates in the XXIX Harvest Festival of the municipality of Agrolândia.

The Festival of the Harvest also commemorates the farmer's day and the anniversary of the municipality of Agrolândia.It was commemorated for the first time in 1978, first denominated Party of the Municipality, in commemoration to the day of the Farmer and political emancipation, with the participation of the farmers, race of micro tractors, etc. At the time, the Lutheran Church already realized a religious party with the name of Festival of the Harvest. As in the municipality there was no culture that stood out expressively after the verification of the economic movement, it was chosen to homenajear all the cultures adopting the already existing name of Harvest Festival.

Lippel also would like to leave here his homage to the city and to thank all the authorities and citizens of this municipality very blessed. We are showing a little of what is the line of products manufactured and we invite everyone to take a pass in our stand.

The 24th is a municipal holiday and the company returns to normal activities on July 25th

We thank all those involved in this beautiful party. Congratulations Agronândia.