Lippel offers solution for the Paraguayan industry

The Paraguayan ceramics incessantly seek to improve their production process, obtaining better results at less cost. That is the need of the industry world!

Lippel, with its leadership and international reputation, offered a solution to the customer: providing a burner for the red ceramic kilns enabling the burning of biomass, such as chips or chips, improving the temperature control, therefore, better quality of the final product .

To provide the chips, the customer opted for a chipper connected to the power take-off of the tractor: "In addition to offering a solution for my kiln, Lippel got his professionalism and competence to solve the electric power problem. I have little three-phase energy, as my tractor already had, now I have a chopper that provides the chips for burning ".

But a success story of Lippel, the sales leader in South America.