Lippel has the practical solution for Biomass and Composting

Lippel’s BioChippers are built to perform shedding of branches and organic waste for composting. With innovative cutting technology, it is ideal to use in condominiums, sites, farms, arborists, agroforestry and anyone who needs to get rid of small wood waste.

Some types of Biochippers:

  • BioChipper BIO 120 With a 15 HP gasoline engine, has an average production of 5 cubic meters of crushed material with a cutting opening of 12x28 cm. It has 2 reusable blades with drum cutting system, excellent for fibrous materials.
  • BioChiper Bio 100 has a 6.5 HP gasoline engine and average production of 2 cubic meters of crushed material. Cutting opening of 10x10 cm, excellent for small farmers, site, backyards cleaning.

The  complete line of Lippel’s BioChippers you can find here, searching for models that can fit you.