Lippel Forestry Chipper being used on coffee farm organic matter reutilization

Lippel recently delivered a Forestry Disc Chipper model PDF 320 HDR-EA for the chipping of coffee plants.

This chipper operates through the power take-off of the tractor and was developed to be a compact, high-strength and durable option for use in rural or urban areas.

The customer will be chipping coffee plants and discharging the material directly on the new plantations for soil fertilization. This will discard the need to buy artificial fertilizers for planting, which will generate savings in planting coffee.

This forestry chipper features a disc cutting system and wide feed chute with feed conveyor, which makes it easy to feed the chipper with green materials.

By making use of the right tool in the agricultural sector, it is possible to generate savings and reuse the organic waste in the form of composting or cover to the soil, improving the quality of the soil and the environment.