Lippel exports a Forestry Disc Chipper to an customer in Paraguay

Recently Lippel has made the exportation of a Forestry Chipper with a disc cutting system Model PDF 320 HDR EA to a client that operates in the wood processing sector in Paraguay.

The customer made the choice of this model due to its robustness and durability. This disc-based forestry chipper is designed to work both in the production of biomass chips for burning in boilers and furnaces or in the production of organic matter for organic composting.

This chipper works with a Trator power take-off system and will be coupled to a tractor of 120 HP.

The customer undertook a search for equipment using a strict quality criterion, and at Lippel he found the equipment he was looking for.

The customer had the opportunity to see similar equipment in Paraguay and saw that he was making the right choice.