Lippel deliver wood chipper to Chile

To have as a goal the incessant search for a solution to the problem of the client allied to the high production, durability, and international support.
With this motto, LIPPEL increasingly consolidates itself as the leading sales company in the international market.
Recently it delivers a Picador PFL 400X 700 M, equipped with engine cummins 285 CV, able to produce 90 m3 hour of chips from eucalyptus and pinus that are the raw materials of the client.
My goal is the production of chips for firing in a boiler, and I need a compact equipment that can be a truck transporter that occupies little space but has the trademark of Lippel which is DURABILITY, PRODUCTION, QUALITY.
Lippel always has a solution for the customer, for all our needs, the equipment has exceeded my expectations.
LIPPEL is proud of this achievement!