Lippel delas a partnership with na important cooperative

Last week, Lippel closed the sale of a PTL-200 / 290X500 Wood Chipper to an important Recycling Cooperative, located in the metropolitan area of ??Porto Alegre, specifically in the city of Gravataí / RS;

Following the project of expansion and growth of the Cooperative, this equipment will act in the chipping of all material coming from the city, like urban prunings and wood from the remains of works, used furniture, etc .;

According to the testimony of the Manager Mr. Alexandre, "The Cooperative plays a very important role in addition to the social part, we professionalize the role of Pickers and Carriers, we walk with our own legs and everyone who works with us is paid, we have dozens of direct and indirect positions ; the purchase of the Wood Chipper will increase our revenue adding values ??that will be distributed among the cooperative, initially the intensity of the material produced is composting and soil cover, but in the future we work with the possibility of selling chips for power generation ";