Lippel conquer another important market: Ecuador

     The Lippel presents another important step taken towards consolidating its leadership in chopping wood and biomass processing in the Latin American market.
     Because of the need, we offer a device that stands out for its strength, hardness components providing a uniform, continuous mincing with magnetic pulley on the output channel for the extraction of metals, Picador PFL 400X700 CM, large, able to sting woods of various sources, including contaminated material such as pallets.
     The processed material is free of contaminants and can be used for burning in boilers or other processes such as the production of MDP in industries.
     This time, the industry that acquired Picador PFL 400x700 MC, is situated in Ecuador, a company that works with wood waste recycling for the production of MDP.
     The MDP (Medium Density Particleboard - Medium Density Fiber) is a chipboard panel, made up of particles of pressed wood, composed of pine, eucalyptus or other wood waste, in this case in specific pallets. This is one of the reasons in which the picador was chosen for its efficiency being able to pull staples and nails through the magnetic pulley system, doing the work of removal of all metal compounds.
     Our client who also became our friend, speaks with satisfaction the quality of the equipment and assistance during assembly of the machine:
     "- The Lippel is a company that is not concerned solely in selling machines, it sells a solution, and provides a commercial service, technician leaves us secure in investing."


     Lippel, reaching all the borders of South America, where it is synonymous with quality, durability and reliability.