Lippel confirmed at Expobiomassa 2019

The fair Expobiomassa is an important event in the bioenergy sector and involves several industries both in the biomass production and preparation sector and in several other sectors that use biomass as their renewable and clean source of energy.

Since the conscious use of natural resources and the utilization and reuse of wood and its residues are our priority and objective, we could not fail to be present at this event.

We will be at Expobiomassa presenting solutions in the sectors of production and use of biomass as an energy source or its application as organic composting as a way to reduce the pollutants released into the atmosphere.

We invite you to be present with us to exchange ideas on how the reuse of forest harvest residues and waste from industry productions such as sawmills for example can generate great savings for your company while it can be used to increase the yield of industrial productions or even as a new possibility of acting in a new secotor of the market.