Lippel Brush Chipper being used in solid waste management from urban pruning

Recently, Lippel has delivered a Brush Chipper model PTU 300 that will be used to manage solid waste from urban pruning.

This autarchy operates on selective collection of urban waste, management of municipal solid waste and the composting of organic waste. This autarchy does not prune trees, so this process is carried out in a sectored way, being able to devote itself fully to waste management, in charge of collecting and chipping tree pruning.

Once the chipping of the organic waste is carried out, the material is then sent to its application in the organic composting, preparing these residues for their reintegration to the soil in the most appropriate way to the environment.

The organic composting presents the possibility of decomposing organic waste by reducing the production of greenhouse gases, gases that are released into the atmosphere when the material is decomposed in open places without being chipped.

Thus the environmental impact of composting is null, in addition to making possible the reuse of organic waste, once that the composting is completed the resulting material is an organic fertilizer of the highest quality, which can then be applied in municipal gardens, urban gardening, schools and other social projects that aim at environmental awareness and afforestation of municipalities and private and public areas.

With this brush chipper the autarchy will be reducing costs in solid waste management and reducing the environmental impact of this management.