Lippel branch shredder is purchased by prefecture of Fernandópolis


Lippel branch shredder is purchased by prefecture of Fernandópolis.
The cities keep a treasure little used in their roads, streets, avenues and parks: the trees. It is estimated that in Fernandópolis alone more than 45 tons of tree pruning are collected per month.
In the current municipal management, environmental issues are treated in a serious way, On Tuesday, 11, through the Municipal Secretary of Environment, the project to install a branch crusher begins.
The machine, which has already begun to operate, transforms the branches, small trunks, leaves and debris resulting from pruning into organic compost, which is released to the soil for re-conditioning, thus making ecological reuse of that material.
The prefect André Pessuto made a point of accompanying the initial work of the project and spoke about the importance of this conquest for the municipality. "We are solving a serious environmental problem that had been dragging for a long time and in 100 days, we managed to find viable measures for the destination of the large number of branches accumulated in Fernandopolis," he said.
In addition to the pruning of trees, the project will also collect and crush timber, especially those resulting from civil construction and industries. "We will be able to collect all this material and give a correct destination for reuse," said Environment Secretary Ângelo Veiga.