Large size wood chip

The wood chip is a renewable resource, composed of sheared chips obtained from logs or other types of wood. Usually, the chips are of common size, that is, their length varies between 25 to 40 mm and is mainly intended for the production of energy in furnaces and boilers. It presents good energetic characteristics and better performance in respect to its flow in silos.

But there are other applications that require large chips. Its size keep’s between 63 to 80 mm and presents greater time of burning and weight and is requested in older boilers. We at Lippel pay attention to the customer demands, we have engineering for the development of machines that suit your need. For example, PTML 240 / 320x600 which is a small / médium size machine, is a chipper, is producing wood chips of 70 to 80 mm of size. A special rotor has been developed for this application. Larger machines and even larger chip production.

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