Itaipu acquires a Lippel Chipper

The division  of Protected Areas (MARP.CD) on the 24th has received and tested a Lippel Chipper model PTU 300 to replace the former with manual handling.

It will be used in Itaipu's A and C villages. Using this chipper, it will reduce the waste volume, reducing the number of trips required to transport the material, and reducing the operating time.

Using this chipper also has the benefit of improving degraded soils, the difference is remarkable between using raw matter and a quality biomass to fertilize the soil.

According to the manager of MARP.CD, Edson Zanlorensi, "shredding the woody material, reduces the volume of discard in the waste deposit of Itaipu and, at the same time, the process of decomposition and reincorporation of the nutrients in nature is much faster with the shredded material. "

Using this chipper will bring a great cost / benefit to Itaipu, and it turns out that the value of the machinery becomes null because of the time saved on this operation, the benefits to the environment, reducing maintenance costs, and also in the economy of maintenance and fuel of the trucks, since these will be less used from now on.