Investment on coffee production and processing

A coffee producer in the state of Minas Gerais – Brazil recently decided to invest in the growth of his business and come to automate the process of drying the coffee beans.

This coffee producer has purchased a PDF 180 HDR disk forestry chipper and a QL-01 furnace feeder for wood chips and sawdust.

The objective of acquiring such equipment is to increase productivity at work and reduce production costs. To achieve these goals, this producer contacted Lippel to obtain an automation solution for their coffee bean drying system.

Now, with the forestry chipper they will be able to produce wood chips of high calorific value for the firing in a furnace, reducing the costs of buying firewood and allowing the furnace to be fed automatically by means of a feeder chips and sawdust.

This acquisition has made it possible to save resources and increase operational safety by eliminating the need for someone to operate and feed the furnace manually, thus reducing the chance of accidents at work.