Investment in a wood chipper for urban cleaning in São Paulo

Investment in the purchase of an urban chipper / crusher to provide clleaning services for urban pruning in the State of São Paulo.

The mission of the project is to grind the prunings, trunks, leaves, shrubs that were collected throughout the city. Today the waste is deposited in 15 eco-points accumulating great volume, being an old problem for the city and the environment.

The PTU 300 chipper will shred all the accumulated demand and currently generated demand to all green waste. All shredded material will be destined for local agriculture, being used as organic fertilizer, soil cover and landscaping.

The municipal secretary of the city reports that one of the great gains in the shredding of urban waste is the reduction of the volume of pruning, once its processed the material can reach approximately 80% smaller size.

The new generation of Lippel urban equipment, allows the client a continuous and severe work, giving the customer a great differential in their daily work, we also include another great benefit of our brand 100% national product being benefit in the facility of spare parts and technical maintaince.

The PTU 300 urban chipper equipment line is supplied with several options for motorization, feed speed regulation and road towing system that can be veneered.